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Rain Chudori

and the blue in her heart


The Blue Blog is a journal about life – emotions and movements, spaces and heritage, meditations and stillness – written in small weekly posts. Sometimes the themes will be light-hearted, other times it will be serious. Sometimes it will be musings, lists, or insights, other times it will be stories or long-form essays. Sometimes, when there’s time between my daily routine, it will be photo spreads. There are no rules (and isn’t that what’s great about most things in life!), but one thing’s for sure: we are all connected in blue.

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There is no doubt as to the depth and breadth of Rain Chudori’s literary gift. Not only does she have an ear for the music of language, but she also writes with then imbleness, maturity and emotional acuity of someone way beyond her years. Packed with wit, irony and wisdom, her stories simply glitter.
— Laksmi Pamuntjak

About Her

Rain Chudori is a writer, speaker, and creative director. She is the founder and curator of Comma Books, a publishing division under Penerbit KPG which focuses on contemporary emerging writers. She has written Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories (2015), Imaginary City (2017), Biru dan Kisah-Kisah Lainnya (2018), and UWRF’s Emerging Writers Anthology (2018).

Named "the literary prodigy" by Nylon Magazine, she has written for The Jakarta Post, The Jakarta Globe, Tempo, Salihara, VICE, Whiteboard Journal, and other publications. Her literary work has been exhibited in Frankfurt Book Fair, London Book Fair, and other cities, and has won the National Book Committee translation grants.

Her consultation work includes concept creation, editorial spreads, copywriting, branding, and digital strategy. She has worked for an array of international and national brands through multimedia channels such as billboards, magazines, video and audio.

Her work explores the theme of emotions, identity and body, heritage, space, and the various states of being. She is represented by Kin Management and Borobudur Literary Agency. She was named after the poet.

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Content (writings, photos, videos, and the like) are either mine and/or copyright free stock photo unless stated underneath the blog post, in which I will link to source.

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Selected Press


“We think about books and what lies beyond books.” ––The Jakarta Post

"Every emotion in this book is real. The things that I consider fiction are the names and chronologies. My love for them is real." 
––The Jakarta Post

"We bring our own context of the books that we read, but we cannot forget what it means to a woman, and a writer, and how difficult it is to be both at the same time."
––Whiteboard Journal

"I want this book to be about the growth from girlhood to womanhood. I think every woman is a survivor."
––The Jakarta Globe

"I look to writing as a partner, like having a soulmate."
––Jurnal Ruang

"Literature is in her blood."

"Teks-teks yang keluar dari dialog Rain merupakan ‘kebiasaan yang sudah ada’ dari Rain Chudori, namun tetap saja kata-kata erotisnya menegasikan ‘keseriusan’ dalam dialog."
––Jurnal Footage

"Siapa dia? Munculnya pertama kali bagaimana? Hilangnya dia bagaimana? Bukan hal penting yang buat mendiskripsikan keberadaan dia, tapi memang ada sosok perempuan dalam film ini."

"Yang jelas, Rain adalah id. Penuh dengan hasrat dan naluri spontan. Satu-satunya karakter yang impulsif. Hampir seluruh dialog Rain tercetus begitu saja tanpa terlebih dahulu diproses logika."

"Ada begitu banyak bentuk perjuangan, bahkan hanya untuk sekadar hidup, dan begitulah kita akan bertahan, lalu berkembang, dan saling bertemu satu sama lain hari demi hari.
––Whiteboard Journal

"Jakarta memerlukan lebih banyak toleransi, ruang, dan pikiran yang sehat." 
––Antara News

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