memories pt i


home for the moment. was planning to go to guangzhou with a.z, live in his small rented flat, wear a light coat, go to lianhua mountain and see 100,000 lotus flowers bloom all at the same time, disappear for a bit. 

i found an internship in an art gallery which mostly consists of translating art catalogues. sometimes i manage to hide in their rooftop and look at guangzhou on google streets. the other day, i finally washed the curtains from my room. 

the 20th of june 2013 is the last day of the astronomical spring and it’ll all fall apart from this point on.

how strange that i excavated this text which i wrote this on the same day, exactly five years ago. i don't believe in chance, i know there's a meaning that lies somewhere here. i looked it up and this year the astronomical spring ends on the 21st of june, in a few days, which sounds promising. 

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