Monsoon Tiger

And like the waves returning the sandcastles to its natural state, quickly and rhythmically, he destroyed my being.


Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories is an anthology about love, romance, intimacy, and loneliness. The location of these stories is unclear, no city names, no landmarks, but it is with this very purpose that the author transposes us into the lives of the characters. Told chronologically about various girls and women, each in different stages of their lives, the author creates a thread through their experiences of having loved and having lost.

In Smoking With God, a girl questions the existence of god and its impact towards her father. In The Dollhouse, a girl helps her mother search for her missing father. In Beneath the Bougainvillea, a woman is involved in a dream-like affair with her sister's fiancé. In the titular story, Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories, a woman adopts a stray tiger that comforts her as she copes with her absent lover. It is in the prominence of these themes that the stories live, as it is, first and foremost, about women and their process of being. 

Monsoon Tiger is in its sixth reprint and has appeared in Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, London Book Fair 2015, Singapore Art Book Fair 2016, and Beijing Book Fair 2016. It is available on Gramedia, Kinokuniya, and Amazon

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A restless young woman revisits the city where she was born, and encounters a man that she has known for years. The pair becomes involved in a brutally beautiful affair that inevitably binds them within the concrete of the city. This is a story about a space that remains between him and her, a city that exists between the real and the imaginary, about a love that lives between now and forever.   

The book is a collaboration with Manual Jakarta, and includes a manual of the city

Imaginary City is in its second reprint and has appeared in London Book Fair 2017 and Singapore Art Book Fair 2017. It is available on GramediaKinokuniya, and Amazon


Imaginary City

when we look across the city during the night, and we see lights, those are all angels.


Buku Biru

Bagaikan awan , aku bergerak perlahan tanpa tahu arah. Di masa kanak-kanak, keluarga kami menetap di sebuah apartemen kecil di dekat bandara.


Biru dan Kisah-kisah lainnya adalah sebuah antologi tentang cinta, romansa, keintiman sekaligus kesunyian. Dalam Biru, seorang  anak perempuan bersikeras pada orangtuanya agar mereka membelikan sepasang sepatu berwarna biru yang mengingatkannya pada langit yang pernah melindungi mereka sebagai sebuah keluarga yang lengkap. Monsoon Tiger berkisah tentang seekor macan yang melangkah masuk ke ruang apartemen seorang perempuan sekaligus masuk dalam kehidupannya, sementara Istana Pasir adalah kisah seorang gadis mencoba memahami dan membantu ibunya mencari ayah yang mendadak pergi tanpa kabar.

Semua tokoh-tokoh Rain Chudori dalam sembilan cerita ini  adalah perempuan-perempuan yang, meski berbeda usia dan generasi,  kuat dan penuh daya observasi. Tetapi lebih dari itu tokoh-tokohnya membawa cerita ini ke dalam pemahaman bagaimana luka jiwa akhirnya bisa teduh. Ditulis dan terbit tiga tahun silam dalam bahasa Inggris, kini kumpulan cerpen Rain sudah diterjemahkan  ke dalam bahasa Indonesia.

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Praise For Her Work

“There is no doubt as to the depth and breadth of Rain Chudori’s literary gift. Not only does she have an ear for the music of language, but she also writes with then nimbleness, maturity and emotional acuity of someone way beyond her years. Packed with wit, irony and wisdom, her stories simply glitter.”

Laksmi Pamuntjak


“Take any of her short stories, and you will know that
a talented young writer has arrived.”

Seno Gumira Adjidarma


Aan Mansyur