We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.
— Anaïs Nin

Telling a story, one that is honest and dedicated, is to reflect the entirety of human compassion, something, which I always try to reflect in my work. Writing can be honest, imaginative, cathartic, it can be full of illusions and yet it can also be real. Whatever form you choose, whether it’s short stories, essays, poetry, letters is merely an avenue to convey your feelings and emotions. Intimate Texts is a personal, heart-to-heart writing sessions between you and me. There are two types of sessions which we will offer. 

Intimate Conversations  
We will have conversations as two writers, and more importantly, as two friends. We will get to know each other through intimate, weekly communication sharing our tastes (literature, films, music, philosophy!), our perspectives, and our lives. I will share ideas and materials that might inspire you in your literary work.  

Intimate Collaborations  
We will collaborate as two writers, and more importantly, as two friends. you will share your tastes, your perspectives, your backgrounds, and most importantly your ideas. I will then guide you, through tips and editing, on how to write and expand your literary skills.

per month

Text Sessions
rp150.000 / per hour

Skype Sessions (Audio/Video)

rp250.000 / per hour

Cafe Sessions 
rp300.000 / per hour

If you have any other ideas on how these sessions will fit for you, let me know and we can discuss it and design it together! ♡

All my love,
Rain Chudori

Can you tell me more about Intimate Texts? 
It’s a personal writing workshop, between me and you! I believe that writing is a wholly private and honest experience, and in order to do that, it’s important for us to get to know each other before we start working together. Think of it like we’re establishing a friendship through texts, only we have a certain focus, which is for you to experience literature at its fullest! 

How does the sessions work?
You can choose a particular method (text/skype/real life meeting), and we will discuss what your aim is during the session (write a poem, send a letter to a certain person, anything that involves writing!) . 

Are there any requirements for me to join?
Anyone can join! 

Can my friends/family/loved ones join? 
Of course! We can discuss the arrangements by email.

How long are the sessions? 
We require a minimum of four hours per booking in order to help you finish your aim. We will plan the sessions based on the suitability of your schedule and mine. 

What language will it be conducted in?
English and/or Indonesian.

Why did you make Intimate Texts?
My team and I wanted to create a workshop that would facilitate those who are interested in every aspect of literature – reading and writing – in an accessible and informal manner. We want to write and teach, together as friends!

Can I take pictures sessions? 
Yes, you can! This would be a good way for you to see the changes and improvements from each session, or just for a keepsake. 

Will you keep the sessions private?
Yes, of course. We consider Intimate Texts a safe space where you can talk about yourself and your ideas. If we want to publish anything for promotional materials, we will be sure to ask your permission first. 

Where does the payment go?
Maintaining the team (meals, ideas, time) and hopefully, saving enough for an Intimate Texts workshop. 

Will this guarantee me getting published?
We cannot guarantee this will get you published, but we will work on your writings together with you, in order to expand your abilities! 

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