Ubud Diaries: Day 02



Breakfast over the rice fields again. We got vouchers for a free photoshoot in the hotel grounds, to be honest, I’m really excited to take pictures in the buggy.


Lunch with our delightful patron over at Kamandalu hotel. We had ribs over potatoes, and a really soft and sweet bananas with coconut sauce.


A little shopping in the downtown area. I bought a few too much summer dresses, but it’s perfect for the weather.


Family Footsteps panel with my mother, Kamila Andini, and Heradiani. This was a lovely start to my schedule as I got to be in the same panel as women I admire!


Back at the hotel to rest and refresh myself.


Pecha Kucha night at Betelnut, run by Hubud. I delivered presentation on The Mythology of the Self, a little preview on my research of my family heritage.


Dinner and drinks with M, Nisya, Mick, and several new friends we ran into during the festival! We had duck dumplings and cocktails.


Heading home early because I’m an old lady at heart now, but it was a lovely day.