An Introduction

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The Blue Of Our Hearts

“The world is blue at its edges and in its depths. This blue is the light that got lost.“
Rebecca Solnit

My love for the colour blue came early in my childhood. The first time I fell in love with the colour – the most sparkling, gently electric blue – was the sky in San Francisco that I saw from our moving car. The memory stayed with me, and it was only natural that almost twenty years later, I honoured this sky with my third book. We associate the colour blue with sorrow, we write poetry and songs about it, we cover ourselves in bed, and we say: I am feeling blue. There are so many ways to understand blue using our senses. We witness blue [in the skies, in the sea, in the edges of our fingertip when we are cold]. We hear blue [in songs, in films, in poetry]. We taste blue [water, blueberries, grape]. We feel blue [sorrow, liberation, contentment]. If at first the colour blue seems material, of the world, the way to immerse ourselves is through finding the blue of our own hearts.

The Blue Blog is a journal about life – emotions and movements, spaces and heritage, meditations and stillness – written in small weekly posts. Sometimes the themes will be light-hearted, other times it will be serious. Sometimes it will be musings, lists, or insights, other times it will be stories or long-form essays. Sometimes, when there’s time between my daily routine, it will be photo spreads. There are no rules (and isn’t that what’s great about most things in life!), but one thing’s for sure: we are all connected in blue. Thank you for stumbling into this little corner of the internet. I hope that this place will give you your own insight on the blue of your heart, how you transform it, and it transforms you. I am sure we will meet somewhere soon – till then, here is the blue in our hearts.

See you in blue.


Photography by Bintang Adamas (2013)