Sleepy Girl

IMG_2019-01-22 21:18:10.jpg

Most people who know me are familiar with the fact that I'm hardly sleepy, and rarely sleeping. If someone were to ask me how it's possible, I would have to say that the secret is a little music, a little coffee, and a lot of passion. I know how this sounds, but I'm one of those strange people who loves to wakes up early in the morning so that I can get an early start with work while my mind is at its most alert. The downside is that because I have immense energy reserved for work, I forget to save any for the other parts of my life that matter, such as sleep.

My New Year's resolution this year is a simple one. I will sleep. While I've learned the skill of being productive, managing my full work schedule, communicating with my colleagues, I've completely forgotten how to close my laptop, bring myself to bed, close my eyes, and turn off my mind. Sleeping is one of the things that is necessary for us to be alive, but we live in a modern age, where everything is fast, accessible, promising. So how is it, in a time where everything is possible, sleep seems to be the most elusive thing to have?

If you're like me, and you have forgotten to sleep or even how to sleep, I highly recommend making it part of your resolution this year. It's free, it's full of benefits, and it's luxurious as hell.