The Murmur House channels the inner voices of promising young writers - mostly Millennial - who are more worldly and eloquent in showcasing their emotions.

Rain Chudori's Mémoire Du Jour, or Memory of the Day, is a monthly column in The Murmur House that records small, intimate, and eternal memories in the form of philosophy, film, music, art, literature, and love. It is something new, something old, something you. Read her column here

The Murmur House is a literary journal and website founded by Rain Chudori and Syarafina Vidyadhana. It focuses on intimate, rich, and limitless pieces of writing and artwork ranging from short stories, poetry, and essays to illustrations and photographs.

The Murmur House holds readings, workshops, and events, and collaborates with various artists of other mediums. The Murmur House delivers literature and art by both established and up-and-coming contemporary writers and artists. Head to the online journal here