Selected Writings



Monsoon Tiger, a wandering tiger enters an apartment occupied by an estranged couple. Published on September 2013 in Whiteboard Journal. 

The Kitchen, a story on how a woman survives the disappearance of her mother. Published on July 2017 in The Jakarta Post

And God Created Nightingales, a love affair between a man and a bird that lives on his window. Published on December 2016 in The Jakarta Post.

Doves, a case of a missing pearl earring. published on February 2017 in The Jakarta Post. 

Imaginary City, an excerpt from her debut novel. Published on October 2017 in The Jakarta Post. 


The Return of the Body, an essay on the female body in Joko Anwar's A COPY OF MY MIND. Published on November 2016 in Megacityfictions.

Understanding Jakarta, a dialogue with Leila Chudori about living and writing in the capital city. Published on November 2016 in Megacityfictions.

The Good, The Bad, and Beautiful, an essay on the complexity of memory within the bipolar mind. Published July 2017 in The Jakarta Post. 

Our Voices, selection of books by women writers in collaboration with Syarafina Vidyadhana. Published September 2016 in Whiteboard Journal. 


Translations, research, etc.



Semusim, translation for Andina Dwifatma's short story. Published on August 2013 in Salihara Literary Biennale. 

Aksara Amananunna, translation for Rio Johan's novel. Published on October 2015 in Frankfurt Book Fair. 

Bagaimana Tuhan Menciptakan Cahayatranslation for Raka Ibrahim's book. Published for the National Book Committee's LitRi Selection for London Book Fair 2018. 


Posesif, research on millenial culture and abusive relationships. Conducted for Palari Films. 

Ruang Perempuan dan Tulisan, research on Indonesian women writers. Conducted for Cipta Media Ekspresi. 


Films, Exhibitions, & Commercial Work


Rocket Rain. Anggun Priambodo, 2013. A video artist working on his latest project, is unexpectedly visited by his long lost friend, Jansen and encounters, Rain, a young girl who appears in a waterfall. Rocket Rain touches on the human longing for inner peace within the shifting values of contemporary Indonesian family. The film was nominated for Best Non-Cinema Film and won Best Director in Apresiasi Film Indonesia, won the Geber Award for Best Film in Jogja-Netpac Festival, and nominated for Best New Actress in Piala Maya Indonesia. The film also comes with a soundrack and a music video.

Sleep Tight, Maria. Monica Tedja, 2014. A strange yet secretly rebellious girl named MARIA V (17), raised in a traditional family. One day, her school arranges a church camp, where Maria V finds out that she has to share her room with MARIA P (17), the most pious girl in her school. Sleep Tight, Maria is a story about bourgeoning female sexuality within the confines of religious, social, and cultural norms. The film has won Best Film in Los Angeles Film Festival and Festival Sinema Perancis.

Galih Dan RatnaLucky Kuswandi, 2017. A story about life in transition which follows two teenagers confined within their own dreams, nostalgia, and social conventions. In their love, they find comfort and encouragement from each other. 


Body Festival, collaborative zine titled Heaven Under Men with Nadya Santoso. Curated by Ika Vantiani. Held July 2013 at Ruang Rupa.

Sex Exhibition Vol III, Portrait titled Breakfast by Poppy Mayiesky. Curated by Mitha Budhyarto. Held December 2013 at Waga Gallery. 

Reimagining Rocket Rain, interpretation of the film. Curated by Anggun Priambodo. Held March 2014 at D Gallerie.

commercial work

You Are Your Own Freedom. Gianni Fajri2015. Screenwriting for's Independence Day fashion film. 

Yamina Study Program, 2017. Copywriting and copy branding for academic scholar program across Asia and Europe.

Haynes Wedding Company, 2018. Copywriting and copy branding for a wedding company that specialises in paper and digital invites, crafts, and gifts.

International Monetary Fund Forum, 2018. Screenwriting for IMF’s Paviliun presentation, presented by Telkomsel Indonesia.


Seminars, Panels, and Workshops


seminars and panels

Archive and Documentation of Literary Workspeaker on literature in digital media with Idwriters. Held on June 2015 in Asean Literary Festival. 

Lost In Translation, speaker on translation beyond borders. Held on October 2015 in Salihara Biennale. 

Writing In Other Languages, speaker on writing in English. Held on May 2016 in Asean Literary Festival. 

Women In Literature, speaker on womanhood and writing. Held on October 2017 in Limas, Universitas Indonesia. 

Media and Feminism, speaker on gender in media. Held on December 2017 in Fem Fest. 

Writing As A Millenial, speaker on literature in the modern landscape. Held on April 2018 in Gramedia Writers and Readers Festival.

Family Footsteps, 2018. Two award-winning filmmakers and two accomplished authors discuss the dynamic of children following in their parents’ footsteps. Held for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.

The Pledge, 2018. Four language lovers will reveal their unique relationship with the evolving, dizzyingly diverse and underestimated language that is Bahasa Indonesia. Held for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.

At Home Everywhere, 2018. At home everywhere, or nowhere? By choice or by necessity, ‘third culture kids’ grow up in a culture different from that of their parents, often moving between worlds with linguistic and diplomatic fluency. Held for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.

classes and workshops

Someone You Love, writing workshop on letters and distance. Held on July 2015 in Living With Flowers. 

Kota(k) Workshop, writing workshop on cities and memories. Held on December 2017 in Artbound Festival, Universitas Indonesia. 
Digital Workshop, one-on-one writing workshops. Seasonal. 

Pecha Kucha, 2018. Gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, works, thoughts, holiday snaps -- just about anything, really -- in the PechaKucha 20x20 format. Held for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.

In Memory Of My Feelings, 2018. Inspired by Frank O’Hara’s poem, In Memory of My Feelings, this workshop will use an emotion as the basis for writing. Through poetry, prose, a short story, or nonfiction, the essence of this workshop is to explore our inner lives, recognize our rawest emotions, and communicate them through words. Held for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.