The Spaces We Make

Every second of every day we inhabit different spaces in our lives. From the private areas like our bedroom, bathroom, living room, to the public areas, like the sidewalks we walk across, the cafes where we pick up our regular drinks, the restaurant where we drop by for lunch, or the more transitory spaces we visit like the cars, trains, and planes that again, connect us from space to space.

Within our fast and intricate lives, we rarely have time to think about what the spaces we inhabit mean, how we form them, and how it forms us.

I wanted to find a way for me to keep a record of the spaces I exist in, whether consciously or unconsciously, the people, and the objects that lie within it. This website is divided into three parts: Home (and all of the spaces within a familiar space), Here (the grey area between), and Away (unfamiliar places that have yet to be ours).

Thank you for stumbling into this little corner of the internet. I hope that this place will give you your own insight on the spaces that you inhabit, on how you transform them, and it transform you. I am sure we will meet somewhere soon – till then, here are the spaces that we make.

Rain Chudori